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KP iSafe (TM) Face Shield

KP iSafe (TM) Face Shield

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QUALITY AND PRECISION: KP iSafe (TM) is proudly made in America with American workers. Our face shield quality is best compare to any other face shields out there. Its super comfortable, and very easy to use.

EASY TO ATTACH HEAD GEAR: KP iSafe is meant for any head size from kids to Adults to Seniors of any head size as its got easy to attach superior PP head gear with super stretchy elastic.

COMFORT & EASE: KP iSafe (TM) is made with comfort and ease for forehead, eyes and face in mind. Please peel off the thin protective cover from both sides before using it and you will see clear lens.

FULL FACE PROTECTION: KP iSafe (TM) is meant to give full coverage to whole face and there are slots on PP head gear to adjust the shield for the first time and you can take the shield off if its not in use for easy cleaning and sterilization before next use. 

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