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Replacement Yellow Spout Cap Top for Blitz Fuel Gas Can (Pack of 10)

Replacement Yellow Spout Cap Top for Blitz Fuel Gas Can (Pack of 10)

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Protect your fuel cans from the elements and debris vent replacement yellow spout cap. With a properly fitted vent cap,  you can protect from spills as well.

Replacement Yellow Spout Cap Top for Blitz Fuel Gas Can

Always choose a safe side! We want our customer's safety at first to avoid spills. Our Kool Products are playing a vital role in ensuring your safety in transportation. Gas cans are costly! But they become valueless if you lose the cap, and you're at risk of receiving debris or water in your fuel. 

Now shop our extensive collection of yellow spout caps that are perfectly fit on BLITZ gas can. Classy hat style prevents from spilling during travel & secure us from accidents.

Replacement yellow spout cap top for blitz fuel gas cans are made of high-quality material & come up in a pack of ten. Our Yellow Spout Caps are only compatible with the Blitz self-venting spout with the part numbers 900092, 900094, 900302 and the part number can be placed on your current Spout. Our Blitz gas can cap designed to fit on the Spout tightly to avoid any lose of fuel. 

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  1. Blitz caps are perfect for decreasing the risk of spills.
  2. This super Spout cap is easy to use & install.
  3. Made of high premium quality material that makes the cap more durable.
  4. Ideal for keeping dirt and debris out of your can while you are storing the fuel.
  5. Yellow spout caps can be used to cover the blitz gas cans to transport and dispense flammable liquids safely.
  6. Easy to set up on your Fuel, Diesel, Kerosene, Gas, and Water. The spout cap seals itself to prevent leaks or spills.
  7. Measures Outside Diameter: 1.30 inches / Inside Diameter: .85 inch / Height: .945 inch before placing the order.
  8. You can use our yellow caps to hide/store your existing Spout inside the can by using your existing blitz screw cap collar to tighten closed.
  9. For easy installation just Line up the arrows & push onto the Spout then Twist to lock.

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REPLACEMENT YELLOW SPOUT CAP TOP is available with smart feature at Kool product store. Our yellow Spout is an Appropriate way to upgrade an old plastic gas can instead of drilling a hole in it that would let in humidity and debris. We are providing 24/7 FREE worldwide delivery with the simple return & exchange process. Now shop & enjoy our yellow spout cap at a pocket-friendly price.




How durable is the Kool product gas can cap?

Our gas can caps will protect you from spills  & dust for the entire lifespan of the can.

Does fuel spills harm the environment?

Spills of fuel are so lethal to the environment if not treated appropriately. Our vent caps are leak-free & prevent spills.

How is the spout cap installed?

Line up the arrows and push onto the Spout then Twist to lock.

Which material do you use to design these yellow caps?

The spouts yellow caps are made of superior quality plastic and not rubber. High-quality material enhances the caps permanency makes the customers happy.

Why can is should buy spouts caps?

It would be best if you had to buy yellow spout caps because it prevent your can from debris as well as spills.

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