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KP Replacement Gas Spout

KP Replacement Gas Spout

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Let's hit the roads & transform your old can with this FLEXIBLE REPLACEMENT GAS SPOUT that can transfer fluids easily. Universal gas can spout prevent you from spills by making it easy to bend the spout to reach any direction.

Flexible Replacement Gas Spout with 2 Screw Collar Caps

If you are a Roadie & love to travel & you don't want to experience running of the Fuel in the middle of the road, then this Jerry can spout the perfect choice for you to enjoy your trip without facing any trouble. 

We love to give superior quality products to our customers. Shop our mighty collection of flexible gas can spout that allows the Fuel flows out smoothly without using any over-engineered anti-spill devices. This best gas can spout solution with a flame arrestor. End cap screws securely to the end of the nozzle rather than push on. The kit includes a vent so that Fuel flows out smoothly and evenly.

Flexible Replacement Gas Spout is a handy tool that acts as a fast fuelling device. Compatible with all cans such as Wedco, Briggs & Stratton, Gott, Rubbermaid Essence, Scepter, Ameri-Can, Midwest, Igloo, StanCan, Kolpin and RotopaX. Gas can spout tractor supply is made of high-quality material to make it enduring. Kool Products gas can spout extremely flexible as compare to other spouts available in the market.  You can use this fuel spout to resupply your lawnmowers, lawn edgers and trimmers, and another fuel container. Gas can spout replacement gasket is easy & convenient to use for all types of machinery. Safety gas can spout with a vent hole cap, which is very easy to install. You need to drill a 1/2″ hole to put the vent into the hole.



  1. Flexible spout design is available with a ton of accessories like steel false arrestor Stainless, 2 screw collar caps, Strainer solid particles, and prevent any severe accidents.
  2. Universal & flexible gas can spout is perfectly fit Gas Spout. The SPOUT easily bends without having any disruption.
  3. Fuel gas can spout very easy safe & the vent cap fits all older & rusty cans that have a ½ hole for a vent.
  4. Its screw collar caps fit on multiple cans due to its 1 3/4" inner dimensions.
  5. Available at an affordable price with unique & definite features.
  6. KP11 gas can spout made of premium & quality material that maximizes the spout's durability as well as make our customers happy.
  7. Kool gas can spout high flow traits that allow you to bring your old reliable gas cans back to life and save your money. Gas can nozzle comes with easy parts & instructions that give you a better understanding of the spout.

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Flexible replacement gas spout with 2 screw collar is available at the kool online store. We are highly concerned about quality & customer satisfaction. We are proving 24/7 worldwide delivery with the simple return & exchange process. You must have to check your con outside thread diameter before placing an order. Mostly can have two threads & this spout perfectly fits on those, but if you changed threads can from these two, then please tell us & we design future products according to our customer's needs. Add it to the cart today & enjoy our gas can spout features.




Why safety spout?

It is a new, high-flow, leak-proof spout that stops spills and is a real pleasure to use. It is legal in the US and certified for use in all 50 states. It also comes with an adapter that allows for compatibility with all fuel intakes

Are gas can spout universal?

The gas spouts kits are a universal fit for over 98% of plastic fuel cans in use today, but these are not fit metal cans.

Can this gas spout compatible with all cans?

Replacement spouts work with many cans or jugs, including those that hold fuel or water.

How flexible are the spouts?

The spouts are made of plastic and not rubber, these are flexible, however, bending them in the cold or severe bends may cause cracking. Use with care when pouring to avoid spills.

How can I store the gas can spout?

Gas can spout care is initial that's why when you removed it from the gas spout & store it a well-ventilated area.

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