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Net Pot 3 inch with Lids Mesh Hydroponic Aeroponic Orchid Round (25 Pack)

Net Pot 3 inch with Lids Mesh Hydroponic Aeroponic Orchid Round (25 Pack)

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Fulfill your hydroponic needs with this NET POT 3 INCH WITH LIDS MESH & grow plants and vegetables faster and year-round. Plants grown in this ventilated pot usually yield more, require less space and conserve soil and water. These pots are an ideal solution if you are an apartment resident who does not have an outdoor gardening plot.

Net Pot 3 inch with Lids Mesh Hydroponic Round

Now shop our lids mesh pot that is a crucial part of HYDROPONIC System. It will keep grow medium & provide support to your plants. There are a couple of pots available that you must have to choose when you are trying to get the best container for your hydroponic system.

With our large collection of plant pots, you'll find the right bowl for your grow operation, from mesh pots and net pots we carry it

NET POT 3 INCH WITH LIDS MESH is incomparable to keep your plants in. Different hydroponic grow systems require the use of different types of grow trays and grow pots. Kool products hydroponic pots are manufactured with completely mesh baskets. Ventilated pots that are more solid because drip feed is used to give the nutrient solution to the individual plants.

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  1. Made of high-quality plastic to make the pot more reliable & sturdy.
  2. An outstanding choice for hydroponic/aeronautic needs.
  3. Its mesh allows the roots to enlarge and spread into the stream of nutrients.
  4. Net Pot is aimed to create the best root system possible in a pot, better than any other pot.
  5. Available at a pocket-friendly price.
  6. 2.65" tall and 3" wide in black color.
  7. Perfect for Deep Water Culture Systems, Flood and Drain (Ebb & Flow) as well as for Orchids that requires a very well ventilated root area.
  8. Durable premium quality & eco-friendly pots that can be used for the punch of years.

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Net pot 3 inches with lids mesh hydroponic aeroponic orchid round is available in 25 pieces. These are carefully packed and in good order. These ventilated pots with lids are exactly what you are looking for. We are offering 24/7 worldwide delivery with the simple return & exchange process. Our primary concern is your satisfaction, so we always deliver standard quality products. Now add to the cart & enjoy our mesh pots to grow your loving plants well.  




What is Hydroponics?

Hydroponics is a method of growing vegetation in a nutrient productive water solution rather than soil. An inert growing medium that provides the root system good oxygen exchange, moisture retention, and drainage replaces soil allowing the root ball to direct access to its nutritional requirements. Our mesh post is best for hydroponics system.

Which material do you use to make mesh pots?

Our mesh pots are made of high-quality material that is suitable for plants growth.

Why should I use mesh pots for plants?

With mesh, lid pots will stop the light from reaching the grow medium & preventing algae growth. 

Why is the mesh post beneficial for hydroponics system?

A net pot is a webbed, plastic hydroponic growing container with holes in the bottom. There are several reasons for this design. First and foremost, the vents allow hydroponic nutrients to enter the root zone quickly. It also allows the solution to drain out effectively.

What are net pots used for?

Commonly used in hydroponic gardening, net pots are used to anchor the plants in the system. They can be used with or without a growing medium. Hydroponic net pots are often reusable and made from solid plastic mesh to promote drainage and air circulation.

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