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2 Pack - 5 Liter/1.32 Gallon Water Bottle

2 Pack - 5 Liter/1.32 Gallon Water Bottle

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  • STURDY & WELL BUILT: The water jug are made of quality prime HDPE material. The bottle is tested for high temperature as well as high pressure and built to last for life.
  • SECURED & PROTECTED: The water bottles comes with child resistant airtight caps and cannot be opened by minors or pet. Its BPA Free.
  • MULTIPLE USE & APPLICATIONS: Can be used for variety of purposes such as home safe use for storing oil, syrup, sauces, dressing etc. Can be used for Industrial use such as storing chemicals, preservatives, paint, cleaners, soaps, detergents etc.
  • EASY HANDLING WITH NO SPILL: The plastic containers/jugs comes with one funnel and unleaded reducer tip plus cap for easy transfer of fluids, chemicals, water etc.
  • DIMENSIONS: Main Box weighs 1.88lb with dimensions: 10"(l)x9"(w)x13"(h). Each empty bottle weighs 9oz with dimensions 10"(l)x4.5"(w)x12"(h). Each funnel weighs 1.2oz; 5.5" height/4" diameter and 1.5" opening diameter. The reducer tip with cap weighs 0.6oz with dimensions 1.5" diameter, 5.5" height & 0.5" outlet diameter.


We are multi-functional company that offers diverse and expanded line of products with immense quality and universal application.

KOOL PRODUCTS is a trusted name in the field of water jugs spout and nozzle kits. Only producing top of the line, high quality products that our consumers love. Giving them variety of alternatives from the products that they see on the market.

Kool Products Replacement Kits are perfectly compatible to almost 95% of all plastic gas cans and jugs including ruling ones like Rubbermaid, Gott, Essence, Wedco, Briggs, Scepter, Eagle, Blitz, Midwest and most others. All our products are made with superior plastic that is known for its superior durability and also variety of inclusions on each of our gas can replacement spout sets.

What we offer to our customers are high quality and diverse products that caters to each of your needs when it comes to gas can, 1 gallon water bottle or gas can replacement set.

We guarantee 100% consumer satisfaction all the time!

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