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Who is Kool Products?

Kool Products is prominent in consumer goods mainly in the field of tools and hardware, household, outdoor, kids and pet care products along with healthcare commodities etc. We manufacture most of our products and sell most of our products from our warehouse in Phoenix, AZ 85027.

What kind of products Kool Products Carry? 

We manufacture variety of gas can spouts and nozzles, watering cans and other plastic/rubber based consumer goods. Our speciality is in replacement gas can spouts that we have been very proud of. Even our competitors buy from us clearly shows our product quality and commitment.

How fast we ship products once order is placed?

We ship all our products the very same day if the order is placed by 4pm MST.

Where do we ship this products from?

We ship products from our warehouse in Phoenix, AZ 85027. We are proud to own 15,000 sq.ft warehouse with quick material loading and unloading capability.

Do we customize products?

We definitely help our customers if they have a viable project and need help with tooling and manufacturing provided its effective and profitable for both parties.

Do we sell to wholesalers?

Yes, we do. We are always looking for brick and mortar stores, distributors and other local retail/wholesale stores to carry our quality products for mutual benefit. We assure you that we will provide all kind of help that you can expect from a manufacturer. AMAZON SELLERS - Please do not contact as we already have good presence there and looking for other channels to approach us. Feel free to reach us if you have  places to resell other than AMAZON.COM 

Regarding New Spout Kit purchase, how do I install the included vent cap?

1. Make sure the container is EMPTY.
2. Find a flat spot above the fill line at the top rear of the container.
3. Then use a 1/2" bit to drill a clean straight hole.
4. Scrape remaining plastic waste off.
5. Hold Vent cap in place & pop in gently with a rubber mallet.
6. Clean out shavings from inside of container prior to usage.

What type of fuel cans can use this product on?

The spout kits are designed only for use on plastic portable fuel containers manufactured prior to January 1, 2009. However, they will fit most plastic cans made after that as well as ALL cans currently being manufactured ! We carry different style spout kits such as we have recently developed Chilton/Craftsman Kit that fits most of Chilton and Craftsman Pre Banned Cans. We carry spout kits for Midwest, Blitz, Scepter, Rotopax and many more.

What are the two different color base caps for?

In most cases you will simply need to use the can's original cap and just replace the spout itself. The black cap has fine threads and generally fit the old Rubbermaid, Briggs and Stratton, Essence and Gott cans, the yellow cap has coarse threads and fits the Midwest, Blitz, Scepter, and Plastic Eagle etc.

Are there any cans that the spouts kits do not fit?

The gas spouts kits are a universal fit for over 97% of plastic fuel cans in use today. However, they will not fit metal cans, "jerry gas cans" nor the old Chilton cans (adaptors available) : No-Spill, and Orange Gott cans. However, most people do NOT have these types of gas cans.

Why are there two small caps?

Both caps fit the end of the spout, one can be used for the vent on older Rubbermaid cans, or you can use it for a second spout cap in case you lose the first.

The new base cap does not fit or leaks, what do I do?

Try using the new spout and your original base cap as this will work in most applications. There were many molds over the years and the tolerances varied greatly and this is why we include additional base caps.

How flexible are the spouts?

The spouts are made of HDPE plastic and not rubber, they are flexible, however bending them in the cold, or severe bends may cause cracking. Use care when pouring to avoid spills.

KOOL PRODUCTS: "We Care For Our Customers"

If you have any other concern or you think there should be more content mentioned in FAQs, you are most welcome to share with us. We consider our customer as our partner and take their advise very seriously.