4 Benefits of a Gas Can Spout

4 Benefits of a Gas Can Spout

There’s no doubt that pouring from a gas can get messy, fast.

 Picture this: you’re already having a tough day and you run out of gas on the side of the road. You trek down the road with your gas can, fill it up, and haul the heavy can back to your car. You start to pour it into your gas tank so you can finally get on with your day.

 After hauling the full gas can, though, your arms are tired and you have a hard time holding the can steady. The gas sloshes around while you’re trying to pour it. It spills everywhere, and we mean everywhere: your shoes, your pants, the side of your car, you name it.

 This is when an advanced gas can spout would have come in handy. All you need to do is stash a spout in your vehicle next to your gas can to take advantage of four critical advantages:

1. A Lower Fire Risk

Anywhere you find unprotected gasoline, you have a fire risk. In the scenario above, all it would take is a passerby flicking their cigarette out the window at the wrong time for the situation to take a devastating turn.

 A longer, more advanced spout will lower your gas spillage to keep you and your vehicle safe.

2. Less Fume Exposure

The fumes from gasoline aren’t exactly pleasant. Especially when you’re about to drive a vehicle, breathing in too many fumes from the gas can be downright dangerous.

The more gasoline you spill, the more fumes you breathe in. In fact, having an open stream of gas between the can and your tank will also release fumes. A longer spout will keep the fumes contained.

3. Cost Savings

No one wants to waste money, and an aftermarket gas can spout can save you money in a few ways. First, if the original spout on your can is worn or damaged, a replacement spout is less expensive than replacing the whole can.

Second, the spout allows you to spill less gas, and spilled gas is money down the drain.

4. Expanded Options

Last but not least, aftermarket gas can spouts allow you to customize your can. Some spouts are flexible while others are rigid. Some are straight while others have an angle on them.

 You may prefer different types of spouts for different vehicles. Each driver in your family may prefer a different type of spout, depending on how tall they are and which angle is most comfortable for them. Either way, replacement spouts give you options.

Adding a Gas Can Spout to Your Vehicle Emergency Kit

You already have a stash of emergency supplies in your vehicle, but chances are that you’re missing one addition: an advanced gas can spout. This one tool can make your life easier while keeping you and your family safer on the road.

 To buy your new spout today, shop our advanced gas can spouts online and explore our gas cans and other accessories as well.


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It would be most helpful on your replacement spouts to have a cap with a stripe ( I know you have the stripe for a screw on cap, but then you supply a black removable cap to top off the flex hose – however they always get forgotten or misplaced either when filling the can or dispensing – it would be most helpful to have the stripe on these too


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