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8.25” Gas Can Spout Replacement w/ Tons Of Accessories

8.25” Gas Can Spout Replacement w/ Tons Of Accessories

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Shop mighty collection of gas can spout with different accessories. This replacement kit comes with a vent hole cap, which is very easy to install. If you are looking for gas spout replacement, then take a look at this gas cap that is the perfect replacement for the instructed no spills & this spouts, that in reality wind up causing more spills.

This multi functional stopper cap is used as a cap for the Spout, which fits perfectly inside of the screw collar cap while hiding the Spout inside of the gas can. Vent caps are included! Ideal for all gas cans, like Rubbermaid, Gott, Essence, Wedco, Briggs, Scepter, Eagle, Blitz, Midwest, and more others, both old and new ones. It will be performed flawlessly, and leak-free & you will enjoy by using them with breather valves and tube extensions as well as you will get more flexibility in your refuelling.


  1. Gas can spout will entirely  perfect for reducing the risk of spills & tightly fit on every type of cans except metal.
  2. This universal nozzle is to assist you in filling up your machines without falls.
  3. 8.25 Inches gas spout is available with all accessories like 2 Screw Cap Collar that meets your needs. The outer diameter including side ribs: 2.75".
  4. This super Spout is easy to use & install.
  5. Made of premium high quality which means you can replace your old design gas can spout with our new style.
  6. Cap for Spout & a Stopper place in at the base of the Spout when hiding the Spout inside the can, then tighten the screw cap collar down to act as a closed cap for storing or transport.
  7. It preferably fit plastic can only.

 This stopper kit will reduce fire risk & spills as well. We love to help you & want your satisfaction. We are offering 24/7 worldwide delivery with the simple return & exchange process.  Now add it to the cart & update your gas can with this gas can spout. 

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