Dogbrush - Dental Cleaning Stick
Dogbrush - Dental Cleaning Stick
Dogbrush - Dental Cleaning Stick

Dogbrush - Dental Cleaning Stick


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With its perfect design, the Dogbrush gives your dog the opportunity to clean his own teeth. The design is made to encourage your dog to bite and this way your puppy cleans his teeth.

Free your pet from oral disease!

Those hard to reach teeth have no chance with this Dogbrush, with its size and shape your dog can easily brush his or her teeth and prevent any kind of oral disease.

This great product is easy to use with dog toothpaste and while they're chewing the Stick, the toothpaste will spread in your puppy's or dog's mouth, strengthening it and providing more protection.


  • 360 DEGREE CLEANING: The dog toothbrush has neatly arranged bristles on the four sides. You can squeeze in the toothpaste through the small hole at the top. When your dog bites it, the toothpaste will flow out to clean the dog's teeth

  • NATURAL & DURABLE MATERIAL: The dog toothbrush stick is made of high-quality natural rubber. It is moderately soft and will not hurt the dog's gums. And after repeated bites, it will not be easily damaged, please feel free to use it.

  • NOVEL AND INTERESTING STYLE: It has a new design style, a well-designed brush shape, and a claw-shaped base to make your dog more favorite. It also has a longer effective cleaning area than other similar products.

  • Save Your Time: Brush the dogs 3-4 times a week for 5 minutes each time and replace the toothbrush for 2 months. Stressless for dogs and effortless for Pet parents.

  • Easy to Use: The dog's teeth cleaning toy has an extended and flat base on the bottom that can be held stably on the ground, making it easy for the dog to hold, which encourages the dog to chew.
  • Easy to Clean: Rubber material is easy to clean, also can be cleaned in the dishwasher. It is better to clean the dog toothbrush before and after use.

      Package Included: Dogbrush - Dental Cleaning Stick

      1 x  Small Dogbrush - Dental Cleaning Stick
      1 x  Medium Dogbrush - Dental Cleaning Stick
      1 x  Large Dogbrush - Dental Cleaning Stick

      Specifications: Dogbrush - Dental Cleaning Stick

      Material: Rubber
      Feature: Clean Dog Tooth
      Size: S/M/L
      Color: Brown/White

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