All-in-One Dog Harness
All-in-One Dog Harness
All-in-One Dog Harness
All-in-One Dog Harness
All-in-One Dog Harness

All-in-One Dog Harness


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Super strong heavy duty dog harness, with padding so it does not irritate or hurt your dog. Easy to put on or take off using the clips. A harness is much more comfortable for your dog than a dog collar, you wouldn't like to get pulled by the neck either!

Why is this the best harness for your dog?

  • Stop pulling - For better walks with your dog
  • Easy-Off / Easy On - Hassle-free on and off in 2 seconds
  • Adjustable - Easy to adjust to your dog's body
  • EZ Handle - Multiple uses, including learning to walk your dog, more control, and quick donning and doffing of the harness.
  • Reflective - Better visibility of your dog for more safety and peace of mind
  • High Quality - Durable and built to last
  • Multiple Colors - Find the color that suits your dog

If you are in between a certain size, we advise you to take one size bigger.
Comfortable for your dog work with breeds of ALL sizes. High quality, this harness goes for ALWAYS. They will never slip out of their harness again! This is 'slip-proof' and comfortable for your dogs to wear during walks, treks, and runs.

Be safe on night walks. The reflective harness ensures that your dog is always in plain sight. Better control and no pressure on their neck or windpipe when pulling on the leash.

Package include: All-in-One Dog Harness

1x Dog Harness

Specifications: All-in-One Dog Harness

Oxford cloth

Adjustable, Collar Included, Leash Included

Type Vest Harness
Fitment Suitable for Medium & Large Dogs

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