Gas Cans

Go on a long ride trip with our GALLON GAS CAN WITH AUTO MOUNT

These can carry extra fuel for a traveler. It would be best if you had to go for off-road or camping to backup gas.

We have 5 gallon metal gas can, 3 gallon gas can, and other sizes of metal gas cans, gas jug and Portable Gas Tanks. Kindly check our collections to see more.

We have a vast collection of gas cans, gas jug & spouts at our online store. If you love to ride or to go long trips, then Kool products are ideal for making your trip safe & memorable. Gas gallon is available with a lot of accessories like auto mounting unit & gas can spout. Use this universal fuel spout to refuel your lawnmowers, lawn edgers and trimmers, and another fuel container that meets your need.