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Why Is It Important To Comb Your Hair On A Regular Basis?

Why Is It Important To Comb Your Hair On A Regular Basis?

Do you know what the most basic hair care tool is (after your fingers, of course)? You guessed it right, a comb! Hair combs are so basic that all of us are guilty for not paying enough attention to them, and for taking them for granted all the time.

Nowadays, there is more number of men and women that face hair fall problems. Sure, this is mostly considered to be the result of genetic predisposition, poor diets, autoimmune disorders, and so on. However, could you have guessed that using the wrong comb or not using a comb at all is also one of the most common aggravators of hair fall?

In this blog, we will help you understand why it is so important for you to comb your hair regularly, and not just with your fingers, but with the right hair comb. Many people don’t realize but combing tends to directly impact your hair and scalp equally, which is why it is important to understand how it does so. The following are some of the significant things that happen when you regularly comb your hair using the right men’s or women’s hair combs.

  • Distribution of natural oils on your scalp:
    One of the most important things that combing regularly does is that it properly distributes all the natural oils present on your scalp. Thanks to these oils, your hair gets naturally nourished as you comb through, preventing hair fall and aiding hair growth at the same time. There are sebaceous glands in our scalp that produce sebum, which is a natural conditioner and protective oil. So, combing regularly helps stimulate these glands and distributes the sebum all the way through to your hair.
  • Blood circulation:
    When we talk about blood circulation on the scalp, it is accentuated. Combing on a regular basis acts upon the capillaries of the scalp, and as a result, increases blood circulation. This plays a key role in transporting oxygen and nutrients to the hair follicles much more effectively, promoting growth and reducing hair loss.
  • Exfoliated and stimulated scalp:
    Combing your hair tends to remove dead skin cells, grime, old hair, hair product residues, and all other kinds of deposits that might be at the root of your hair and on your scalp. If you don’t comb regularly, basic exfoliation is also not done, which can lead to clogging of your scalp’s pores and even give way to bacterial infections. Therefore, combing is important as it opens up these pores and allows your hair and scalp to breathe.

So, find the right men’s or women’s hair combs for yourself and make sure that you comb regularly on a daily basis in order to prevent hair loss and encourage hair growth.

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