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Tips to Safely Fill and Carry a Gas Container

Tips to Safely Fill and Carry a Gas Container

It can be frustrating when your car runs out of gas unexpectedly. When that happens, the most viable solution is to use a gas can and transport the fuel from a close by gas station to your car. But that can be a stressful task, as you have to transport a highly flammable material, and it is essential to care at all times while doing so.

Here are some of the basics of how you should use gas cans safely.

  1. Choosing Gas Container

Today, there are multiple gas cans in the market - plastic ones being the favorite choice. Make sure you buy a 3-gallon gas can that's sole purpose is transporting gasoline.

Plastic gas cans have enough safety mechanisms to prevent any leakage. Such gas containers also come inbuilt with a gas can nozzle that helps deposit the gas into the car's fuel tank without spillage. But there’s always a risk of leakage when you transport gasoline in a random container.  

  1. Filling Up the Gas Container

To safely fill a gas can, you should place empty gasoline can on the ground and insert the fuel pump nozzle into the container. Avoid placing the empty gas can on top of an elevated surface.

Make sure you don’t lose the gas can cap when filling up the container. If you do, you might end up spilling lots of gasoline all over the place while transporting it.

  1. Avoid Filling the Gas Can up to the Top

Stop filling a gas container when it’s 90% full. By doing that, you would avoid gas spillage. If you can’t see how much of the gas container has been filled, stop filling the gas can when it’s almost 50% and take it slowly from there onwards. For a better visibility, remove the nozzle of your gas container. That will help you stop filling a gas can when it’s almost 90%.

  1. Close the Gas Container Cap Tightly

Sometimes, people fill the gas can on the ground and pick it up to close the lid. Avoid this practice, and put the cap of the gas container back on tightly at the ground itself.

Also, ensure that the gas can cap is screwed back in tightly. If the gas container’s lid is not screwed tightly, it may result in gas spillage.

  1. Place the Gas Can Upright and Transport in a Safe Environment

After following the above-mentioned steps, all you need to do is transport the gasoline back to your car in a safe manner. The most secure way to do that is by placing the gas can upright in the trunk. Make sure the gas can is not exposed to sun or excessive heat on your way back to your car.

Bottom Line

Safely transporting gasoline is not an easy task. But with these tips, you can make sure you don't spill it over.

If you’re shopping for 3 gallon gas can for the first time, remember that the color-coding for gas containers implies the gas type they are designed to hold.  

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