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Color Wax Hair Dye- Some Frequently Asked Questions

Color Wax Hair Dye- Some Frequently Asked Questions

Are planning to get your hair colored but ready to handle the commitment of permanent colors? If yes, then you should try color wax hair dye.


Many people love colored hair but are hesitant about maintaining and managing permanent hair colors. Also, they are fearful of the chemical reactions caused by permanent hair colors. To overcome these problems and help people in getting different looks, color wax hair dye was introduced. It’s an affordable option that provides utmost safety.


Though color wax hair dye is used for a long, people still have many questions related to it. As a first-time user, these questions might also come to your mind. To help you with the same, we will discuss the answers to some frequently asked questions in this post.


What exactly is color wax hair dye?

Generally, everyone knows about hair wax color. It’s the simplest way to temporarily color the hair.

In detail, the color wax hair dye is made up of three ingredients namely beeswax, petroleum jelly, and temporary pigment. The best thing about wax dye is it doesn’t consist of ammonia or any harsh chemicals.


Unlike other dyes, the application of color wax hair dye is easy because it doesn’t require any mixing or development. You can apply fresh out of the jar. Also, you don’t need bleach before trying bright hues because the hair wax is pigmented enough to show up on all hair colors.


What should I consider when buying color wax hair dye?

To select the best for your hair, you should know your hair care requirements. Based on your requirements and hair type, you should look at the ingredients in each hair wax dye option. You should find out which ingredient is good and bad for you. Also, you should figure out the hair color you wish to get. The best thing is to pick up a wax hair dye with the simplest formula.


How should I apply color wax hair dye for the perfect look?

Though there is a common process to apply color wax hair dye, you should read the instructions mentioned on the package. Sometimes, things might be different and you would face consequences by not following them.


To apply the wax hair dye, you should wash and condition your hair. The hair should be damp and not soaking wet. Then, you should take small sections of your hair and apply the dye so that you get an even application. You shouldn’t forget to wear gloves because you will use your hands to apply. Without the gloves, the ingredients can be harmful to your skin.


You should leave the wax to dry and see the results. If you are not satisfied and wish to get a darker shade, you should add more color and re-apply.


How long does color wax hair dye last?

After final application, the color wax hair dye lasts for around 4-5 days. These days, you might need a touchup around the edges because they constantly come in contact with water. If you wish to change the color within 4-5 days, you should wash the wax properly using buildup-busting products. These products will loosen up the wax and pigment, giving you space for new hair color.


 These are just a few questions. If you want to know more, you should consult a professional hair expert.

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