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About Face Shields: Definition And Benefits!

About Face Shields: Definition And Benefits!

Face shields have been a common sight for several years in hospitals and some offices as well. However, with the emergence of the pandemic, they are becoming quite a common sight among the public as well.

But do you know how face shields function? And how effective are these face shields when it comes to providing protection against the deadly COVID-19? In this blog, we will talk about the best face shields in detail, and learn if they are a good choice or not. But before we get into details, it is important to know what face shields are.

What is a face shield?

It has been a while since face shields have been used in the healthcare industry along with a few sectors of industries as well.  But these days, they have slowly and gradually become a staple for medical personnel and the general public alike. Face shields can be seen worn during various kinds of medical procedures and surgeries. This usually includes surgeries or procedures that include blood, bone fragments, or any other bodily fluids that have the chance of entering the surgeon’s eyes, nose, or mouth.

Simply speaking, a face shield is a curved plastic panel that is attached to a headband, worn to completely cover the face with the plastic screen. It is fit securely in a way that there is not any gap left between the forehead of the wearer and the band. Moreover, the best face shields tend to extend well beyond the chin of the person to provide effective protection.

Now that we know what face shields are, let’s get to know a few benefits associated with using face shields.

  • No face touching:
    One of the most significant benefits of wearing face shields during these times is that they serve as a constant reminder to not touch our face, eyes, and hair. This tends to prevent any bacteria or viruses on your hands to reach and contaminate your face. Face masks might prevent you to not get contaminated through your nose or mouth, but face shields tend to prevent any virus or bacteria from affecting you.
  • Protection of the eyes:
    Unlike face masks of all kinds, such as cloth masks and disposable masks, face shields tend to protect the wearer’s eyes as well, along with the rest of the face. This kind of total face protection tends to ensure that water droplets that contain harmful elements such as bacteria or viruses do not directly reach or get in contact with the wearer of the face shield.

These were just a couple of many advantages associated with wearing a face shield instead of a face mask for protection against the ongoing deadly pandemic. So, whether you work in the healthcare industry or have to go out for work frequently, you should get yourself the best face shield and keep yourself and your family protected. Find a reliable and well-reputed supplier, and buy the best face shields.

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